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I don't watch the news that much. My antenna gets one channel, sometimes, and I don't have cable. My TV connects to YouTube and NBC puts their nightly news up.

I saw a really stupid story. A reporter asked Trump if he agreed to step down if he lost the election. Trump went on about how mail-in ballots could mess ruin the results. Basically, he dodged the question. I wouldn't expect someone like Trump to even entertain the possibility of losing in a discussion.

So then the newscasters open the broadcast with several highlights including Trump refuses to say that he will step down if he loses the election. All he did was dodge a question, and they try to convince us he may not step down. It reminds me of ultra-right wing Obama haters who said the same thing about him, but coming from network news. And so the question for the newscasters is are they stupid, or do they think we are stupid enough to believe their twist on an interchange we just saw before our very eyes.

Trying to paint Trump as a white supremist is also stupid. He handled that poorly in the debates. I wish he had been better prepared to take a stab at the critical race theory debates. He should watch a half hour of Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson on YouTube and write down some talking points in his notes, or have his aids do it. I think it would have helped him to speak out against some of the garbage being taught in our educational system __specifically__ so sensible voters can see social engineering from the left as dangerous and worthy of voting against.

Trump should also have names of news articles and dates for facts he presents, even stuff about Hunter Biden.

Another example that comes to mind from a few years back is a website from Time on Roy Moore's comments about the 14th amendment. I'm not finding that, but CNN says something similar

.) He also took issue with the 14th Amendment, which was passed after the Civil War and guarantees citizenship, equal rights and protection under the law to former slaves, claiming it put undue restrictions on the states.

I listened to the interview where he expressed this. He was expressing concerns that states had no power to limit the right to bare arms in the 2nd amendment. He wasn't criticizing freedom for slaves.

Can you cite any other examples of the twisting of facts and information from the news media that stand out in your mind?
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10/1/20 4:00 pm

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