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Post Temptation...Kind of Like Dieting Aaron Scott
Now, I don't know if anyone here has ever dieted (and failed!) the way I do, but maybe you'll see something here.

It came to me that when you are on a diet--or, better, a fast--food that you wouldn't normally think twice about can become the most amazing food you can even think of!

Usually, at the end of a fast, as I'm sure many of you know, you aren't nearly so hungry as you were the first day. But I remember one time when, for some reason, I had the craving for grits with butter. As plain of a dish as that is, I would have rather had it than a prime rib steak.

Remembering those things, I got to thinking about temptation....

When we know we aren't supposed to do something, just a little prodding by the devil or the flesh--even accidental exposure--can get us to wanting to do that in the worst way.

Eve knew she wasn't to eat of the Tree. But with a little prodding....

And in David's case, I don't believe he was on the roof of the palace trying to see unclothed women. It was accidental exposure--but it caught him at a weak moment. It's like a person (me) being on a diet, then finding that your wife, clearly inspired by the devil, brings home a coconut creme pie and places it in the refrigerator. You come by, minding your own business, decide to get a bottle of water, then see the pie...and decide to start your diet over tomorrow.

And then there is what I call the "Oh, well, I've already blown it, so I might as well go whole hog." You are dieting and you find out that someone is celebrating their birthday. You feel obligated to be there. Then obligated to have a slice of cake. At which point you say, "Shoot--I might as well have two more piece, since I've messed up my diet."

Or, as I have experienced, you plan to fast. You get up the next morning, but you have kind of forgotten your plans and you toss a bit of candy in your mouth, etc. Then you go, "Oh, man! I was going to fast. Oh, well, I'll just have some more of this here candy, and I will plan to start my fast tomorrow!"

Ringing any bells?

True Story....

We were having a special Sunday School drive. I had been sent to the city (about 30 miles distant) to pick up, I suppose, a dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. My mouth was salivating all the way back to the church. Oh, how I wanted to devour every donut I could! But I was steadfast. I would wait until our little social thing started. Amen!

I was withing a half mile of the church when...I got stopped at a railroad crossing. I couldn't keep going. I was the car with all of those donuts screaming out my name.

I'm not proud of what happened. Let's just say that Krispy Kreme only gave us eight donuts in one box, and leave it at that.

The point being that sometimes you just wind up in a situation where you "justify" just giving in because it got harder than it was 10 minutes ago.

Just some thoughts....

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8/27/20 10:12 am

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Post Cojak
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8/27/20 10:31 am

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