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GOD SAYS "Don't turn your face away. LOOK DIRECTLY at this. Learn from it. Rise up in your spirit..." Forum Index -> Acts-Celerate Post new topic   Reply to topic
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Post GOD SAYS "Don't turn your face away. LOOK DIRECTLY at this. Learn from it. Rise up in your spirit..." doyle
All of us have had times when we felt the Lord spoke to us, when we had been given "A Word from the Lord;" an inner feeling that a circumstance we were facing could also be a time of learning and drawing near to God.

I sensed God saying, "Don't turn your face away. LOOK DIRECTLY at this. Learn from it. Rise up in your spirit, but be humbled that I see your circumstance. Your personal finance and the possibility of losing it, is fully in My focused attention. The possibility of members you love wandering away is experienced by Me every day, and yet I live and so you shall carry on.

"Cuts in pay will not end My Day. It will not end your work. Not only will you survive, but I will make a way for you to thrive. It will not be as before, but it is I who keeps score. Your dedication and faithfulness is cherished by Me. Just as I have, you will face difficult times, but what happens will bring you to a closer walk with Me and greener pastures for you."

I believe the Lord spoke the above to me, but in respect for you as my brothers and sisters in Christ, I welcome your consideration. It may be a message just for me, or others may feel it speaks to them too.

I John 4:1: "Do not believe every spirit but test the spirit to see if they are from God because many false prophets have gone out into the world."

Did God send this virus? I don't think so, but since it is here, and it definitely is, our theology leads us to believe He allowed it. We must deal with it but we also can also learn from it.

Suddenly, though dreadfully thrust upon us, totally unwelcome; rightfully dreaded and resisted with all our might, history is replete with how massive trouble can motivate new methods and ideas.

History cries out to us, you, me, our church, our denomination, the "Church" around the world, "Weep, cry and mourn for the hurting, but also OPEN YOUR BLINDED EYES."

"Dear Lord Jesus, as much as we hate this virus swirling among us, somehow, some way use it to shake us awake, to crumble away stuff and structures and attitudes that hinder us individually, and us as a Church to be effective in Your Harvest.

"Help us remember that it was massive persecution and uncertainty that was a major impetuous that helped the Early Church spread the Gospel. Nobody is celebrating persecution, but help us to see that even that awful pain and devastation was used to carry out Your will."

"To those who love the Lord[/i]...ALL THINGS..."

Is the Corona Virus persecution? Not particularly because it is something that "rains on the just and the unjust." (Matthew 5:45)

Though this virus is an assault upon our way of life, possibly upon some of us individually, from it will flow innovation that will benefit mankind. From it will come ideas that can be used to bless some parts of life in general AND prayerfully help we church folks recover the anointing of God on what we do for Him.

Your thoughts are welcome here too. Please feel free to disagree with me (be as kind as possible), but if my pathway needs more light, shine yours too and let's walk together.

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.
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3/16/20 11:22 am

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