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Post KINDNESS is REQUIRED here. doyle
MOST of our viewers and discussion participants, understand that when there is disagreement on an issue, it can USUALLY be done with kindness. When Scripture admonishes, "Be ye kind one unto another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another..." (Ephesians 4:32), it was not a suggestion. It is a Scriptural command.

No way will everyone in a discussion group agree on everything. Sometimes, we may not agree at all, but that does not negate the expectation of kindness from fellow posters.

The one making a post, can almost be guaranteed that some will agree and some will not. That gives the poster an opportunity to see the perspective of others, and for them to see how the poster feels. Sometimes, the perspective of others can be uplifting, and sometimes, not so much.

All participants here have the riight to expect respect even if others disagree with them. If you disagree, say so and respectfully share why you disagree. Responding with personal attacks nullifies the opportunity to help that person take a serious look at what you are saying.

You can't spit in somebody's face and then expect them to hear and respect what you are trying to get across.

IT IS UNDERSTOOD that some who use social media, are brutal, caustic, vicious-talking, and do not hesitate to make personal attacks against the credibility of others. That kind of behavior is totally UNACCEPTABLE here.

WE TAKE IT PERSONBALLY when someone is not respectful to our viewers and posters. They have been welcomed here by those of us who help make this forum possible. We care about them and are interested in their perspective on life.

THEY ARE PRECIOUS to us. We do not want them treated with disrespect. Disagree and share why you disagree. This is absolutely a discussion board WHICH MEANS others have the right to share their opinion too. But vicious, caustic and demeaning remarks are not acceptable.

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.

Last edited by doyle on 10/3/19 2:30 pm; edited 7 times in total
Acts-celerate Owner
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5/25/17 12:10 am

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Post Thanks Doyle Amonine
Hey, I thank you for making such a post. Very important for each of us. Member
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5/25/17 2:04 pm

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