Acts-celerate Policy

1) "Outting" the pennames of posters or identifying where a person lives is prohibited. Even if a posters have "outted" themselves, giving their name, location, or any other personal information, this should not be repeated in a separate thread. Repeating this information within the same thread that the original poster did, provided they have not removed this information from the thread, is permissible.

2) Posting either a subject or a post in all CAPS is considered yelling rudely on the Internet.  It is against Acts-celerate policy to use all CAPS when posting.  CAPS postings may be deleted without warning.

3) Posts containing links to other websites must have (L) or (link) in the subject. Violators may have their posts deleted without warning.

4) Posts containing images must have (image) in the subject. This may be shortened to (img) or another variant for length reasons if your subject becomes too long to post, but it must be clear that the post contains an image by the subject line.  Violators may have their posts deleted without warning.

5) Posts may not contain advertisements for other message boards. If you're not sure if a link is allowed, it's better to ask first by e-mailing the board owner at Violators will be deleted at best and banned at worst.

6) Posting multiple line breaks (Enters or Returns) at the end of your post makes the thread appear disorganized and hard to reference multiple posts that are close together. It is against Acts-celerate policy to use line breaks to set your post apart and your entire post may be deleted without warning.

This is not an exhaustive list of Acts-celerate policy, but a useful and short description. To see the terms of use of this board, please see our terms of use webpage.

Violating any of these policies will get you edited at best and banned at worst. Please keep this in mind while posting. If you have any questions about any of these policies, please use the Contact the Administrator link found at the bottom of every Acts-celerate page.



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