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By using the Acts-celerate message board at and all child links including, but not limited to its forums, you accept and agree to abide by the Terms of Use as outlined on this webpage. For a short synopsis of Acts-celerate's policies, you may read the Acts-celerate Policies webpage.

Repetitive messages will not be tolerated. This includes cross-posting, flooding, spamming, advertising for a website, etc. To see if a link to another website is acceptable, it's best to contact the board owner at

Messages devoid of content will not be tolerated. Posts like 50 lines of the letter "J", posts ending in lots of line breaks (enters or returns), "why was my post deleted", off-topic posts, thread hi-jacking, and complaining about threads will be deleted.

Off topic posting or thread hi-jacking will not be tolerated. Hi-jacking a thread is posting an off-topic post in a thread. This means if the thread is about water baptism, you shouldn't reply with a post about the Sermon on the Mount.

Threads will not be deleted in most cases if there has been at least one reply. Think before you post. If you decide after posting that you really didn't want to talk about that, but someone has already replied to the post, the thread now belongs to two people and it takes more than just you to request the thread be deleted. In serious cases of personal information being shared, etc, your post may be edited out. In very rare cases, the thread may be deleted. Your posts can always be made blank by clicking "Edit" and deleting the content of your post.

Posters are not allowed to register usernames to appear to be other posters. Registering a name that may confuse others as to who the poster is is not allowed. For instance, 0s may not be use to substatute Os and l's may not be substituted with I's. If there is someone named Oregon Bishop, it is out of line to register the name 0regon Bishop. However, there is no problem with registering the name Arizona Bishop as this is a separate name. In the same respect, posters are not allowed to register well-known names that are not theirs with the intent to deceive. Registering the name Doyle Daugherty is only acceptible if you are, in fact, Doyle Daugherty.

Messages exhorting others to commit illegal acts will not be tolerated. This includes murder, extortion, and any other felony are expressly forbidden. DoS attacks, hacking, flooding, and all other related computer crimes will be dealt with immediately and in fullest cooperation with local and federal law enforcement. Also, posting copyrighted software, music, etc. is forbidden (for example, linking MP3s of bands other than your own).
    Also included in this is harassment -- for example, encouraging people to call someone on the phone, flood a website/mailbox, etc because they were mentioned in a post. (See also "messages containing private information" below.)

Hate speech will not be tolerated. Criticism is not hate speech, but inflammatory comments directed at a particular ethnic group, sexual orientation, religion, etc. are unacceptable. Personal attacks are unacceptable as is name calling. It is in order to discuss the actions of elected and/or appointed officials. We prefer that their titles be used and not their names.

No flaming/trolling. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

Messages containing public OR private information is prohibited. We are aware that most of this information can be found using Whois, or Google, or a phone book - however, posts containing email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, credit card numbers, etc. are not allowed. (See "messages exhorting others to commit illegal acts" above, in particular the harassment section.)

Repeatedly reposting something that was deleted will probably result in banning. Usually posts are removed for a reason (see above). Reposting it repeatedly, or complaining about it (also see above) is not recommended. If you have a question about why something was deleted, please contact the Administrator using the link at the bottom of every Acts-celerate page.

Stealing or guessing other people's passwords, giving or loaning your password to another users, or otherwise using or sharing accounts that aren't yours is prohibited. Attempting to create extra accounts, or to use someone else's account, to evade bans.

Abuse of Administrators and Moderators is prohibited. This follows along the same lines as harassment above, but specifically pertains to Admins and Mods. If you have a problem with the way things are being done, contact the board owner at Typographical abuse of the Admins and Mods that donate their time here will get you deleted and possibly banned. You are much more likely to get results if you e-mail the board owner.

Posting of material surrenders copyright privileges. The words that are posted on Acts-celerate may be reprinted without permission and without cost to Acts-celerate, the World News Network, Doyle Daugherty, or any other administrator, moderator, or user of this board in any media including, but not limited to books, electronic documents, and magazines. Credit will be given when legal names are used to post, but may not be given if a penname is used to make the post.

Terms of Use may change from time to time. Please check this webpage often as the Terms of Use may change without notice to any user.

Violating any of these policies will get you edited at best and banned at worst. Please keep this in mind while posting. If you have any questions about any of these policies, please use the Contact the Administrator link found at the bottom of every Acts-celerate page.



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