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MCDONALD'S Closes All 850 Russia Locations. Why lt Affects Many of Us ln The COG. Forum Index -> Acts-Celerate Post new topic   Reply to topic
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Post MCDONALD'S Closes All 850 Russia Locations. Why lt Affects Many of Us ln The COG. doyle
The largest McDonald's in the world until Tuesday, March 8, 2022, was in Moscow. It opened in 1990 in Pushkin Square. The top-left image shows the line to get in: search?q=First+McDonald%27s+in+Russia&form=IARSLK&first=1&tsc=ImageBasicHover

AS THE STUNNING NEWS breaks that McDonald's is closing "lndefinitely" all 850 stores in Russia, many hundreds of COG ministers and members recall how vital McDonald's was to us in our times of Russia Missions. The Moscow McDonald's had been open for 32 years.

|It took McDonald's 14 years of negotiations and preparation before it could open its first location in Russia. Finally, the Russian government approved one location in Moscow. However, there was a catch.

ALL PRODUCTS used at McDonald's had to be exclusively from Russia. The only thing that could be shipped in was the syrup from which Coke was made. It was a genius negotiation point.

The pilot of Coke's Corporation plane, attended were I pastored at the time. He flew the company President to Moscow numbers of times and personally heard some of the negotiations

RUSSIAN BEEF was not up to MD's standard, so instead of compromising, MD's raised their own herds in Russia and thereby improved the entire Russian beef standards and industry.

RUSSIAN POTATOES were not high enough in quality to be used by McDonald's. So, they planted and raised their own potatoes there. As such, it improved the entire Russian potato crops.

THE FIRST MD's in Moscow was massive and was open 24 hours a day, a new concept in Russia. It had three floors. Starting wage was 36 cents an hour which was more than some Russian doctors and College Professors were making "at the time."

When the Berlin Wall came down, the doors to Russia finally opened to the Gospel. Evangelicals flooded into Russia which had been closed to the Gospel for 70 years.

Led by Robert White, Carl Richardson, Bill Wilson, David Lanier, Jim Hughes, and hundreds of we COG ministers, wives and members, the COG was in the forefront of helping open Russia to the Gospel. Among them were Beverly Richardson, Jean Wilson, Paul Richardson, Leland Smelzer and the Wilson children, Kevin, Chad, Shaun and Carey.

Kevin was older and married. He remained in the U.S. and was a key to helping the Wilson family coordinate many important duties while overseas. Though very young at the time, Shaun was an active Missionary serving as a Youth Leader and conducting Gospel meetings for Russian young people.

THE LEE SINGERS came and sang for revival services in Red Square only yards from the Kremlin walls. Under the leadership of Walter Mauldin, the Singers glorified God in song less than a minute walk from the Tomb and embalmed body of Lenin, the Founder of Communism.

WHEN ON ITS FEET in fulfilling the Great Commission Gospel-Call, seeing the the Church of God at work in the Lord's Harvest field, is something beautiful to behold.

Throughout Russia, Belarus and a few places in Ukraine, COG ministers spread out to share the Lord Jesus. In thousands of cases, it was the very first time some of the people had ever heard the Gospel. They sat on the edge of their seat in rapt attention. Over 40,00 prayed to accept Christ during those initial efforts of the Church of God in Russia.

At the time, Carl told us, "We have no way of knowing how long the doors to Russia will remain open. There are powerful people who want to see these doors closed. However, we now have the peace of knowing, that if the doors close again, it closes many thousands of new believers in to continue sharing the Gospel from the inside."

When we arrived back in Moscow, almost every one of us headed straight for...yep, straight for McDonald's. And you know what? The Big Mac, fries and Coke, tasted exactly like it did in the U.S. Somehow, someway, Carl and Bill had contacts that helped us get served at a time when the lines were not so long.

It was amazing that you could be so far away from home and yet feel right at home when entering the Moscow McDonald's. What a powerful and stark statement for it to be now closed because of the attack on Ukraine.

SINCE IT WAS one of the few places Russians could get meat to eat at the time, the line at McDonald's was sometimes four hours long. Burly young Russian soldiers with Sub-machine guns, stood guard at the door for crowd control.

THUS FAR, few things that have happened to Russia because of its attack on Ukraine, will have the public impact of those now 850 MD'S being closed. Regardless the propaganda, those closed stores are a public testimony of the world's dissatisfaction with what is happening in Ukraine.

McDonald's will continue paying it's now 62,000 McDonald's employees in Russia. It seems the McDonald's Arches are actually Carney Yellow in color, but the hearts of McDonald's leaders are Golden today.

Many of us now have Russian friends and fellow believers in Russia. The news that McDonald's Corporation has closed all 850 stores, reminds us of times of ministry in that incredible country. We met wonderful people there and now continue to keep them in our prayers.

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.
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3/8/22 5:09 pm

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Post Best Big Mac blue
I was honored and privileged to meet Doyle and Carl Richardson as I had the opportunity to travel to Russia and be part of a team that helped lead crusades, give away bibles and start 2 churches in the Siberian region. I experienced the largest McDonalds in the world in Moscow with 3 floors and 63 cash registers. After spending 5 days in Siberia, that Big Mac, Fries and strawberry shake was the best in the world. Hey, DOC
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3/26/22 2:44 pm

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