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Post A Word Of Appreciation To Paul Conn & Mark Walker doyle
I am an admirer of both Paul Conn and Mark Walker. They are incredible and esteemed Brothers in the Lord who have excelled in life and the Lord's work. Mark Walker has excelled at every place he has served. So has Paul Conn.

There is no family connection and we have not been "close" in the sense of hanging out together. We do not serve near each other. However, the record is clear. Both have excelled in the Lord's Harvest Field. I could only dream of serving as well.

Are there changes that need to be made at Lee? Of course there are. That is true of the Church of God in General and all of us in it. The largest room in the world is the ROOM for IMPROVEMENT.

Unless we ourselves, our institutions, our denomination, are open to, and actively seeking for ways to be more effective, even if that means change, the future is not bright for us. It has ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY!

"The children of Issachar were men who had an understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do..." (I Chronicles 12:32).

When someone offers ideas for improving our serve, instead of curling up into a little ball of bitterness, say, "Thank You for caring." Can we turn our life over to what everyone else wants us to do? Absolutely not, but if their idea has merit and can improve our service in the Lord's Harvest, it won't break our face to hear it.

It is nonsense to feel that loyal people who have ideas different than ours, are somehow an enemy. Wanting your Church to succeed is not disloyalty.

SEND OUT THE WORD denomination-wide, "Your thoughts and ideas are welcome. (Only dummies feel otherwise).

LAY ASIDE ALL MALICE against anyone. Open up. Let our faithful people have a say in the future of their church and it's institutions. Nobody in our church is elected to be a Warden. All of us from the General Overseer to the newest member, are volunteers. Anybody can leave at any time. Nobody is being held against their will.

WHEN WE WELCOME INPUT, important things being to happen: 1). We learn for certain what people are thinking. That is a thousand times better than depending on gossip (What someone supposedly said) and scuttlebutt.

2). It provides us an opportunity to share with them. "Thank you for your concern. Can I count on you to join with us in praying about these situations? I cherish your prayers."

3). Having input helps them feel part of the team. Almost everybody wants the team to succeed if they feel included. They become a partner in seeking to help that happen.

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.
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1/30/22 1:10 am

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