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COG Closed West Coast Bible. How Devastating Has That Been Been To COG in California & the West? Forum Index -> Acts-Celerate Post new topic   Reply to topic
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Post COG Closed West Coast Bible. How Devastating Has That Been Been To COG in California & the West? News & Views
The COG closed West Coast Bible College located in Fresno, CA (Center of State), in 1992. A "School of Ministry" opened in 1992 and closed around 1996.

Decisions have long-range results. How has the decision to close West Coast Bible played out for the COG in California and other Western states? In your opinion, has it been a positive or negative on the COG in the West?

Most people do not realize how ripe and fruitful California is to the Gospel and to Pentecost. It is possible California has MORE Pentecostal churches than any other U.S. state.

The media mostly focuses on Hollywood and San Francisco. However, the largest Bible-believing church in America is where Rick Warren is pastor. It is located in Southern California, which is politically very liberal. Before COVID it had a weekly attendance of over 23,000.

The Assembly of God has over 1,200 churches in California and many of their churches are massive. In what is known as "The Central Valley," where Fresno is located and one-third of the world's fruit is grown, the VERY conservative United Pentecostals, have a strong presence. At one time, their church in Stockton ran several thousand.

California politics is the pits, but SO IT WAS in Israel throughout the New Testament. In spite of politics, many Californians are open to the Gospel. That does not mean every person is open, but California now has over 30 around 40 MILLION people.

WHEN APOSTLE PAUL was deciding where to focus his ministry, he headed for the population areas.
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Friendly Face
Posts: 188
10/7/21 6:15 pm

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Post Where do I start??? Dean Steenburgh
Thx for the post Doyle, very timely & hopefully helpful.
West Coast Christian College (formerly known as West Coast Bible College) closed in May of 1992.
My dad & several other precious men of God helped to secure the property & situate the original buildings back in the mid 1950's.
CoG School of Western Ministries opened in Sept. 1992 & closed around 2006/2007.
About a week ago I spoke with a former AB (not a Calif AB) who was on the board that had to close West Coast & he told me this, "We said during the meeting when we decided to close the school that Calif & the western coast would pay the price in the years to come if we don't provide ministry training for ministers/pastors."
He went on to tell me with a deep pain sound in his voice that it grieved him to this day that they had to make the decision to close the school.

For several weeks I've been talking to anybody who will listen about considering ministry opportunities here in Calif.
We have multiple churches open & very few people have shown any interest.
Due to privacy issues I'm not at liberty to discuss inside info here on Acts about some of these churches but I am allowed to "talk" to anyone who reaches out to my email.
Some of these churches are located in some of the most iconic locations & unbelievable beauty.

Yes it's true what Doyle said, we do have a ton of mega churches & the A/G's have a huge presence here with over 1,500 churches.
California is just shy of 40 million in population & even though it is a liberal leftist state there are millions of conservatives here also.
As a side note the Oneness church has a good number of mega churches here & their Stockton church is still a big player with over 5,000 weekly attenders.
Why is this important? Because a Pentecostal church is getting harder & harder to find anywhere in America ...even in the CoG.

I know the S/E has Lee U. & when you're neck deep in preachers it's hard to believe that there is a minister shortage.
But we don't have a ministry shortage we just don't have any preachers who want to work the mission field on the west coast.

We have some amazing things that are going on here in Calif & I'll gladly share some more details in more posts.
"Empty nest syndrome is for the birds!"

Email me at:

Church planters are focused on just one thing ...introducing people to Jesus!
What are you focused on?
Golf Cart Mafia Capo Famiglia
Posts: 4670
10/7/21 10:27 pm

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