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Post "SAMSON, Leave The Honey Alone!" (Video) doyle
A brief word of introduction & then the sermon link,

"SAMSON WAS a mighty Man of God; man of valor.
For 20 years, he served as a Judge in Israel. God's Spirit
came upon Samson at times and he could do exploits.
However, Samson could not get his flesh under control.
His lack of control in his personal life KILLED HIS
DESTINY and ended his life prematurely."

"Leave The Honey Alone, Or It Will Kill Your Destiny."

by Pastor John K. Jenkins Jr.

There is enough material in this one POWERFUL presentation to help INSPIRE months of preaching. If it saves you time, helps you be a blessing to others, or pulls you back from a lurking DESTINY-DESTROYER, this Word-based preaching, will be of great benefit.

NOTE: The content is GREAT, but what ZAPS it up to even GREATER status, is how KEYED-IN the Pastor is to his congregation; quips, quotes. pauses and a keen sense of timing. This is like a Camp-Meeting service we remember from years gone by.

ALL WE VOLUNTEERS at Actscelerate count it an HONOR to provide you a place of expression.Those precious ones who have volunteered untold numbers of hours serving you, are deeply, deeply APPRECIATED.

For ALL OF US, it is a continuing labor of love. We HONOR the "Calling" upon your life.

Glenarden, Maryland is eleven miles from Washington, D.C. There is a massive and powerful worshiping church located there. Pastor John K. Jenkins Jr.'s sermon is only 28 Minutes short and the Altar service is another 15. I hope you will watch it on your LARGE SCREEN because the congregation's response is a major part of the impact.

He begins calmly like one does when starting a campfire. Moment-by- moment, Scriptural fuel is added until the presentation and the congregation are warming around the fire he as built. The conclusion is a roaring fire of proclamation.

WHEN THE ALTAR Invitation was given, my eyes filled with tears as hundreds came for prayer. Most likely, every preacher of the Gospel has longed for such a response.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us at Actscelerate!

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.
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11/17/21 3:58 pm

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