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Something I was meditating on recently about scripture is how good it is for people to be unified in something good, especially related to the Lord, but people united around something evil is bad. There is strength in unity.

It is good and pleasant for brethren to dwell/sit around in unity. The Spirit was poured out when the disciples were sitting together in unity.

But God divided men by changing their languages in the Tower of Babel account. Their unity was powerful, but not directed toward a good cause.

I see that the LGBT movement as a political and social movement is doing a lot of damage to our society. There are LGBT and Allied campus clubs, not just on college campuses, but even in high school. I doubt they would allow other sexual-attraction themed clubs-- girls sexually attracted to men in uniform club, boys who are hot for redhead or Asian clubs. But a sexually-related club for LGBT is allowed.

There are children who would otherwise not want to be gay, who will likely be swayed that way because of these movements. Children wanting a group to accept them, accolades for being a 'hero' because they 'came out', or who just want to adhere to the social standards perceived as righteous who may go down the wrong path because of this. Male homosexuals have higher suicide rates. Trans people have very high suicide rates, especially if they have the surgery. Especially with the trans thing, you'd think people with brain cells would push back, but it does not seem to be happening.

With the trans insanity, state and corporate employees are receiving training about pronouns. Supposedly, the EEOC can enforce some of this stuff based on strained interpretations of discrimination based on sex and court cases that have set up this interpretation.

Here is what I propose-- praying for God to send division. I think of Paul perceiving part of the Sanhedrin or Jewish council that was examining him were Pharisees who believed in the resurrection, and part were Sadducees who did not. He argued that he was in chains over the resurrection of the dead. This divided a group that were in favor of doing him harm for an unrighteous cause.

Someone on this forum pointed out that the idea of bisexuality was at odds with the trans no gender philosophy. There is no reason all gays or lesbians should support the idea of doctors castrating and mutilating people's body parts to look like the opposite sex. Why would lesbian females have to find comradery with homosexual males? If they don't like men, why would they have to like homosexual men, or be united in cause? I hear there are men claiming to be women hitting on lesbians for sex these days.

Some of the lesbians are into women's rights from a feminist perspective. Men dressing as women or having surgeries to appear as women doing away with women's chances in women's sports may not sit well with all of them. A man being the first woman undersecretary of health might not sit well with all feminists. The trans issue undermines the feminist cause.

Let us pray for division among LGBT folks and the radical left in general, that radical feminist agendas will be at odds with the trans agenda, and that powerful lobby groups will take opposing stances. Let us pray for the L and the G to have opposite stances on political issues, for Ls, Gs, and Bs to be against the T philosophy and vice versa. Let us pray that they will have such diverse political and social objectives that politicians, thought leaders, and policy makers will be afraid to support them, and be afraid that if they support one, they will get 'cancelled' by the other, and that there will be a return to normalcy. Let us pray that their organizations will not be able to agree on anything.

Will anyone join me in this prayer?
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11/5/21 10:58 am

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Post Cojak
Good points my friend. I pray for anything to confuse the enemy, a confused enemy is much easier to face than a unified one.
from NC in prayer for HIS WILL!
Some facts but mostly just my opinion!
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11/6/21 10:28 am

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