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A Leadership Idea For The Wives of COG Executive Committee Members Forum Index -> Acts-Celerate Post new topic   Reply to topic
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Post A Leadership Idea For The Wives of COG Executive Committee Members doyle

Home Schooling has been around forever, but never in our nation has there been more interest or critical need than now. Literally thousands of parents are DESPERATELY seeking ways to educate their children outside the Public School systems.

It is not something they have wanted to do, but now realize they MUST find a way to keep the Public School system from corrupting the minds of their children. Since most feel completely unqualified to do it, the prospect of doing it is terrifying to them.

Possibly the COG already as something similar to what this editorial is mentioning. However, if not, it is hoped these ideas could be for consideration.

(I Chronicles 12:32)

The last thing any organization needs right now is a bigger or more expensive bureaucracy. However, possibly the wives of our EC members, all of them front-line warriors in the Lord's work and ministry, could help coordinate Home School options for COG families.

There is no intention to be disrespectful by mentioning these Esteemed Women of Valor. It will require their kind of presence and life-experiences to make it work.

*Forgive me Dear Ladies. No doubt your lives are already complete and your schedules full, but when the idea of rescuing our COG children from Public School came, your dedicated and compassionate lives of leadership came immediately to mind.

Possibly a "Home School Information Resource Center" where COG families can obtain a "one-stop-shop" approach to basics of how to start. Possibly compile a list of some of our members and ministers who are already excelling at Home Schooling. Many of them will gladly volunteer to help others get started. Most will be thrilled to share their wealth of experience.

Maybe there could be some free State and District-level meetings where our Home Schoolers and their parents can meet for seminars, coordinate together and also enjoy fun, fellowship and worship.

Just in the Chattanooga area alone, there are numbers of Cluster Schools where Home Schoolers meet several times weekly for sports, special classes, music and band practices. This is all done in local churches. Some of them could be excellent information resources.

Two of our Grandchildren in Chattanooga are involved in a Cluster School were they are learning Math Calculus and Latin for language basics. It is really amazing. The classes are taught by volunteer, certified, teachers who have children in the classes.

DON'T put a COG name or label on the RESCUE effort. Find a name that the churched and unchurched can respond too. That could help our COG folk meet and minister to a lot of new people.

Keep it all-volunteer. The Ark of Safety was built by volunteers. This one could be too.

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.
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7/24/21 3:45 pm

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