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Post What Linda said saved my life. It may yours too. doyle
As our Wedding Anniversary neared, I asked Linda if there was anything special she wanted as a gift to celebrate it.

She stepped up close, looked up into my eyes and said, "Yes, there is something special I want you to do for me. I want you to get a Colonoscopy."

"A what? How romantic," I muttered half kidding. She did not laugh and did not lower her gaze.

"Doyle," she said, "I'm serious. I want you do do this for me. It will be one of the best gifts you can get me for our Anniversary."

From Linda's lips I am usually "Honey," and count myself very blessed to be referred to as that by this incredible woman. However, in the few times she has said "Doyle" in that kind of stern, Motherly tone women can use, it means pay attention.

THE LAST THING on my mind was a Colonoscopy, but I said "OK, if it is important to you, I will do it." In a few minutes she was on the phone
getting a referral and setting up an appointment. The first available appointment was two months later.

While awaiting a time for the Colonoscopy, to get a kind of second opinion, I took one of the mail-in test. They send you a small kit with instructions on how to do the test. You send it back and they will send the results to your Primary doctor. That test came back negative. I decided to have the Colonoscopy anyway because I had promised to do it.

WHEN I AWOKE from the Colonoscopy, the doctor came in. Before he said a word I saw in his eyes that the report was not going to be good. His "I hate to tell you this" look was surprising. I had expected a good report.

The absolute painless procedure had revealed an inch-long growth that was attached to the Colon Wall. Doc then showed me the color photos the Colon-camera had taken of the growth. Most small growths in the Colon are little mushroom-shaped "polyps" which can be easily snipped away without injuring the Colon Wall. Almost everybody as a few of them.

However, the inch-long growth the Doc was concerned about was solidly attached to the Colon. He could not snip it away without the possibly of perforating the Colon.

They had no way of knowing if the growth was cancerous or benign. It didn't matter. It had to be removed; surgery. Docs felt it was best to remove six inches of Colon to the right of the growth and six inches to the left in case there were roots or "Lesions" extending from it.

I'm told the average Colon is five feet long and three inches around. One blessing was that the growth was near the center of my Colon. Even so, removing a foot-long piece was a big deal.

Since I was "Out," the procedure was once again painless. The recovery was not. Docs had said the "Laparoscopy" would be less painful. Bunch of *x%#+ (stands for "liars.")

THE GOOD NEWS IS that the growth, which would have continued to grow regardless the diagnosis had it not been removed, was not cancerous. That does not mean it was completely benign. Test showed that it was a type of growth that could over time have turned into a more serious diagnosis.

Since the painful recovery of about four weeks and "taking it easy" for another four, there has not been any problems whatsoever. However, prior to the Colonoscopy, there had not been any sign or signal of difficulty; none, nada, zip.

I agreed to have a Colonoscopy because a loving wife wanted me to be in her life longer. Her Anniversary request got my attention and extended my life.

Doctors advise that if you are 50 years old, getting a Colonoscopy can be wise. If nothing negative is found, getting another one at around 60 is wise.
However, if you are experiencing continued abdominal pain, severe and continued diarrhea or blood in your Stool, get your Colon checked out now. PERIOD.

Nothing about a Colonoscopy is a pleasing experience. However, even in the Old Testament, there is a warning. It is found in 2nd Chronicles 21: 15-20. It speaks of the possibility of a "Severe sickness of the bowels."

Jesus said that we of the Household of Faith, are the "Light of the world." As dark as this world is, we should keep the lights on as long as possible. If you are over 50, go get a checkup. Do it now. It may extend your life. Linda and I both, and all who know and love you dearly, will be glad. Blessings.

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.
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7/1/21 1:23 am

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