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Post TN COG State Office Website SLIGHTLY more friendly than four other states News & Views
THUS FAR, we have only previewed five of the COG State Office websites where the COG has a strong membership and minister base. In our opinion, none of them convey the incredibly DEEP compassion and DEDICATION to Christ and others, that they really FEEL.

While buildings are important, Jesus and people are our focus. Few denominational websites feature either. The Assembly of God headquarters site in Springfield, MO is one of the worst. It comes off as almost completely corporate.

They are actually dedicated people who long to be a blessing to others, but their site does not convey that truth. So we're not picking on the COG. Baptist and Methodist headquarters sites are no better.

BIG GRAPHICS can make an impact, but when ALL the graphics are GIGANTIC!!!, it's kind of like zooming 80 miles an hour down the Interstate with billboards quickly flashing by. Yes, it is difficult to personalize billboards but surely we of the "Household of Faith," can find a way to convey our deep personalized concern for those viewing our web presence.

The COG TN State Office actually had the word "Welcome" when it opens which was a positive. The South GA site had the Name of Jesus on it which was positive but sadly unusual for State Office sites.

Put yourself in the place of a COG member wanting to share with friends why they should attend the COG. They point them to the COG State Office site. What do you feel they are looking for? What is there that helps them feel connected to the COG?

Large photos of the AB. Will that do it? Big photos of buildings or GIANT images of the COVID virus? Nope.

How can the SINCERE and DEDICATED people who design and sponsor COG sites, promote COG events in a personalized way that helps people want to be part of the COG?

THAT IS NOT EASY to do, but we know COG offices and officials want very much to do that. After all, that is what all the present effort and expense is about.

WHAT RELIGIOUS SITES have you seen that drew you in, that caused you to pause and look deeper? What sites, business or religious cause you to go, "Wow!"

POSSIBLY having two different State Office websites would help, one for members and one for ministers. One to promote the COG to those who support it with their tithes and offerings; those who want to tell their friends about why they should attend the COG, and one for State ministerial functions; meetings, reporting, boards and committees etc.

COG Executive Offices could design one for Laity that all State Offices could use. Shock Idea. Maybe let COG Laity actually design and run (under supervision of officials) the one for Members and for those looking for a church to attend.

THE SITE should answer these questions. Who and what is the COG? Why should you want to be part of it? Possibly the best way is to feature testimonies by Members who are blessed now by being COG.

Use it to build pride in being COG.

Possibly generate interest in such a site by having local church people around the country weigh in on a research project to develop it. Survey, "Why did you join the COG? How would you go about inviting your friends and family to be a part of it?"

BE BRAVE ENOUGH to hear what they have to say. Develop COG items they can feature on their own FB pages.

It is our opinion, that in spite of a VALIANT effort, our COG sites are not yet conveying that important message. What are ideas you may have to help?

That is our opinion. What's yours?
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4/24/21 5:04 pm

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