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Should Fallen Pastors be Restored to the Pastorate?
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Post Let me ask this... prefontaine
What does restoration mean?? If you buy a '57 Chevy that is a complete rust bucket, and you fully restore it...what have you done?? Have you gotten it to a point that it will run, but nothing more? Have you gotten back to it's original state, to a point that nobody could tell that it was ever in poor condition?? According to the dictionary restoration means: renewal, revival, reestablishment. WOW - two of those words are things that we pray for constantly in the church today.

Check out this link for a secular position on restoration:
Hon. Dr. in Acts-celeratology
Posts: 5103
11/15/07 4:33 pm

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Post Can? PureGold
Can a worship leader lead again? Can a Prophet prophesy again? Can a teacher teach again? Can a musician play again? Can a gate keeper, keep the gate again? Does adultery nullify the call?

Ever noticed we don't ask a glutton to step down? What about the slandering, gossiping preacher? Is gossip moral? Or is immorality only sexual?

Doesn't restoration mean....fully restored? Who determines are far restoration reaches in a persons life?

Let he who is restored be restored fully even unto his call, regardless of what that call is.
Thank You God for never telling me a lie!
Acts Enthusiast
Posts: 1057
3/3/10 10:18 am

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Post Charles Page
Sanctification is subsequent to the new birth
Friendly Face
Posts: 346
5/18/17 9:19 am

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Post FLRon
Ever notice how we Christians draw attention to the sin of adultery,as though adultery somehow has ascended to the top of their list, all the while neglecting to focus on the untold numbers of other sins that are committed and conveniently ignored.

Any one of which, by the way, eliminates the offender from the "blameless" category.

To the OP's original question I answer with an emphatic YES that a pastor found to have committed adultery be permitted to pastor again after successfully completing a restoration program.

Adultery is a horrible thing,with far reaching consequences for all involved. But in the eyes of the Lord, is an adulterer worse than a habitually lying pastor? Or an obese pastor who obviously has no self control? Or how about the pastor who abuses his wife or children? Where do these rank, or are these ok since they don't involve adultery?

Speaking only for me, I would much rather serve under a fallen,repentant,and forgiven pastor than any of the arrogant,prideful,unloving,compassionless hirelings being paraded before our congregations today.

“Hell will be filled with people that didn’t cuss, didn’t drink, and may even have been baptized. Why? Because none of those things makes someone a Christian.”
Voddie Baucham
Posts: 787
5/18/17 2:33 pm

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