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Post I was reading about John James Audubon... Aaron Scott
It said that he tried so hard to try to make it in various vocations, but never could make a go of it. His heart was to study birds and explore.

At some point, he was able to pursue what he really loved doing...and he made a difference to the world.

I got to thinking.... I wonder how many folks are struggling, trying to make a "go" of whatever vocation they are in--maybe even the ministry--but never reaching that place of sheer delight at doing what you love and desire to do?

My dad and his brothers all seemed to wind up doing what they were good at, what they loved, and what they delighted in doing. As an evangelist, my dad would start on Sunday and go through Saturday...then start at another church on Sunday...back to back to back. And he loved it!

Being bi-vocational, I keep wishing that we only had to work four days a week, because that 5th day seems mighty wearing.

I wonder, if you'd be willing to share, what it is that you DELIGHT in doing. What things you WISH you could just do full time? And perhaps what you wish you'd done differently before now in terms of your vocaation(s)?
Hon. Dr. in Acts-celeratology
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2/18/21 1:01 pm

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Post Cojak
I actually tried at least 8 vocations, one turned into a hobby/ministry, the children's ministry. I got a kick out of BSA camps and COG youth camps.
but for me it was driving nails. I was in my 40's before I realized the joy of work I did not want to leave at quitting time. So once I became the boss I could stay after everyone left. LOL
I enjoyed my time in the pastoral ministry. But I noticed once the building part was finished at each place, I was ready to go. I finally realized I was not called, some folk said I was daddy called, but he NEVER encouraged being licensed with the COG, until I did it myself.
Yes, I like the OP and hope others will comment on this, it is a good subject. Smile

Oh yes, you mentioned your dad as an evangelist. as a PK I remember the 'evangelist' who back then stayed with the pastor. There were some evangelists i was just drawn to. Looking back to the full week revivals, it must have been exhausting for them.
There were a couple evangelists who used our home as the home base and came back for mama's cooking in their off weeks. Mama loved it and the rest of us did to.
My dad loved pastoring, the church was his family. Wink
Some facts but mostly just my opinion!
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2/18/21 2:40 pm

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Post Cojak... Aaron Scott
Yep, I remember staying in Sunday School rooms, etc. I loved it too!

In fact, the only thing that made my dad start spacing his revivals a differently was that his chest started hurting. He would have preached two sermons every day all year long if it's been up to him, I suppose. He would often go out during the daytime (at a revival) and take his loudspeaker and preach to people in the projects or the such.

I enjoy putting together a sermon or lesson...but when I have to preach it too, whew! The pressure is on!

Cojak, I can absolutely believe, from you visits with us, that you are/were a gifted children's minister. You simply knew how to get and keep their attention...and that's about 75%, I'd say, of being a good children's minister.

And as for your pastoral work, etc., there are men who know how to build--and love doing it. I'm not one of them. I can haul the trash and the such, but I am not particularly skilled in construction. You are. And you know what--those churches might have no gotten upgraded if you had not come along. That was YOUR assignment, but God had to have you in one place long enough to carry it out.

One of my best friends, every church he's been to, none of them particularly large, has benefited from his and his wife's work. It might be upgrading the facility...moving to a new location...developing this or that at the church. I have told him time after time that he left every church better than he found it.

I dare say you did too. Love ya, friend.
Hon. Dr. in Acts-celeratology
Posts: 5739
2/19/21 11:48 am

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