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What lessons should the church learn due to coronavirus? Forum Index -> Acts-Celerate Post new topic   Reply to topic
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Post What lessons should the church learn due to coronavirus? Aaron Scott
I'd like to hear your thoughts....

Let me suggest a few of my own:

1) We should learn that in a world that has terrorists, this may not be the last time we encounter such an issue. Worse, it could have been, God forbid, Ebola or Smallpox, etc. We are likely quite fortunate that, as bad as it is, it is not nearly as bad as it could have been. I think we may be somewhat better prepared the next time.

2) A church that lives on a week-to-week basis financially may be at the mercy of such incidents. Perhaps we are wise to return to what might be called (if I may borrow from C.S. Lewis) "Mere Christianity." Lose the bells and whistles to ensure that the church can continue on with less concern and distraction in hard financial times. Every business will not recover at the same time. So while the church may be allowed to congregate again, that doesn't mean that the folks that come will be back working and making a salary. Also, they may have a lot of financial obligations to deal with before they can get back on their feet enough to be fully supportive of the church again.

3) I would imagine that before this is over, some of the "grandstanding" pastors will be revealed to have been very foolish, even if they are sincere. For those who are not sincere, but are just wanting attention, it may be far worse. A church can lose its reputation and it's parishioners over foolish actions. A pastor can become "that man...who endangered people," etc.

4) As far as good news, I think we will begin using more means to reach people that don't or can't come to church. Facebook, livestreaming, websites (Cojak!), YouTube, etc.

5) On the other hand, with so many churches putting themselves out in the digital universe, it may very well be the case that this creates a group of "premium content" church. If you have the choice to watch a well-produced, church service online...or hear some preacher saying "huh!" every other word and providing content that is near-embarrassing...I imagine some churches are going to start reaching more people...and some, at least online, are going to reach less. Yes, the actual in-church group may still be there, but the digital audience may be greatly reduced. We need to do our best to produce content that is uplifting, encouraging, and, most of all, anointed truth.

6) This may bring about us getting back to "pure Easter," instead of all the things--many of them very nice--that have become part of Easter. New All are good, but all are also things that can create stress and the such. If a crowd is smaller than last year, it can hurt. If the sermon didn't go as good as last time, it can hurt. The pastor can feel rushed to get the people out at noon on this special day. On and on. Maybe it's time we got back to the basics of resurrected life (to borrow from Waylon)?
Hon. Dr. in Acts-celeratology
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4/2/20 12:17 pm

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Post Quiet Wyatt
That Copeland and all his WoFer buddies are full of baloney. [Insert Acts Pun Here]
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4/2/20 1:22 pm

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