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Are you growing food? Gardening, growing mushrooms, eating weeds. Forum Index -> Acts-Celerate Post new topic   Reply to topic
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Post Are you growing food? Gardening, growing mushrooms, eating weeds. Link
Who knows how long this will last. Go get some seeds. If you have some land, plant a garden. What if this thing gets worse, either the disease or government reaction to it, and you can't go out and get food? If they let you outside without people in black helicopters shooting at you (exaggerating a bit here I hope), your garden can provide the fresh. We have dried and frozen food, but i planted some greens.

I've also harvested clover and dandelions from the yard. I also got a bit of wild onion. The clover was hard to harvest because I had to harvest around seeds and grass mixed in. I understand the parable of the wheat and the tares better. Maybe I should harvest them together and sort.

I washed the vegetables. To cook them, I chopped them keeping the wild onion separate got a little oil, put in a little chopped garlic from the fridge along with the wild onion. Then, I added the greens. I put in soy sauce, I think, a bit of worchteshire, and maggi sauce the Vietnamese use on their sandwiches. They were delicious. Just a little bitter but in a good way. Those were just the edible weeds from the yard.

My wife made something like Korean spinach with it. She boiled the vegetables and added garlic, semese oil, a little fish sauce, and a little sugar. It was good. Almost as good as just doing this with spinach. I'd prefer it with clover without as much sugar. Koreans really know how to prepare spinach. I'd lived there and took my wife to Korean restaurants when we were dating with a brief stop in South Korea in transit on our Honeymoon, so she learned how to make several dishes. We have a big container of kimchi.

I planted lettuce, spinach, and kale recently so nothing to report there. If I can find my collard seeds and get some time, I may plant those in a half-lighted area. Bok choy needs even less sunlight, but I don't have any of those seeds.

I have also been looking into growing oyster mushrooms. You can buy straw, wood chips or other material for substrate in a bucket with holes drilled into it, pasterize the substrate, then put in spores. In a couple of weeks, mushrooms are supposed to be ready to harvest, growing out of the holes in the bucket. Some people just grow in plastic bags.

I've got to be home anyway, so this is a good thing to do to feed everyone. My wife is talking about getting some chickens. You can preserve eggs for over a year in a solution of garden lime and water. But not eggs from the store. They still need to have that film on them having come straight from the chicken.

Is anyone else growing anything this year?

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3/26/20 9:13 am

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Post Dave Dorsey
Tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Now 67% friendlier!
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3/26/20 9:23 am

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