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Post Black History Month Cojak
Yeah, I know there is no Italian, Irish, Indian, Native American, etc Month. Yeah and not even a White History month.
I was fortunate having parents from farms in Georgia and had a great respect for the Colored People. Until she died she remembered her mama telling her, 'Colored' was respectful. Around my house if I used the 'N' word I KNEW a spanking was coming.
I always cringed when a Black Nurse would come in to attend her before she died, I knew what was coming. She always said, "Honey you do what you have to, at my house there was no difference in the Coloreds and Whites!" I admired their professional demeanor, most did not know how deeply she meant that.
I attended 4 schools growing up. It was during strict segregation. The only black person in our school was the janitor. I have no problem with Black History month. You see I remember when blacks could not PEE in a White man's toilet, no matter how nasty it was. In one town Black folks could not legally walk the streets after dark. I even read my sisters property deed in Charlotte and it still said no colored person could could buy or live on the property unless it was in servitude.

I have thought many times about the movie Watermelon Man. I sneaked off to see it. If I was Black I would probably be pretty militant. I would hope rather I would have the 'attitude of MLK jr,' and even the statement of Rodney King. "Can't we all just get along." Neither man a saint but their statement was right.

So Black History is important, We have a Retired Soldier at our church, Bernard. He happens to be Black. I call him Saint Bernard. He adds to our church. I am enjoying visiting churches now and seeing more racial mixture in the congregations.

I know, I know OUR attitude, My family never owned slaves. True. But I lived thru my first 20+ years where a black man could be in serious trouble just trying to order a hot dog. Crying or Very sad

JMHO on Black History month.
Some facts but mostly just my opinion!
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2/18/20 1:20 pm

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Post The truth is that American History is, for all practical purposes, white history.... Aaron Scott
Yes, I used to get peeved about BLACK History Month. But I get it. If there were a bunch of white folks living in Liberia, we might think that history was uniformly "black." So I don't give it a second thought nowadays....

And the fact that it does give some of my students a little bit of something to be proud about, what's wrong with that?

I was reading today how York, William Clark's slave that accompanied the Lewis & Clark Expedition across America and Clark upset for wanting to leave St. Louis (upon their return) and go see his WIFE, who was owned by someone else, that Clark meant to sell him to severe masters if he kept it up.

That let me know just how low of an opinion was had of slaves. You would think that sharing the challenges in a trans-continental journey would mean something...but it apparently meant very little.

At the same time, when you think of sincere Christians like George Washington Carver, Mary McLeod Bethune, and Booker T. Washington, it is only right that we make sure that adequate time is devoted to them. Because the truth is that history is so rich with white folks that it's very easy to overlook blacks that made significant contributions--as both people of learning and skill...and as plain ol' slaves. They deserve their story told too.
Hon. Dr. in Acts-celeratology
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2/18/20 5:06 pm

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I heard a church announcement and brief bio of William Seymour for black history month.
Acts-perienced Poster
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2/18/20 5:12 pm

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I have a cousin who did not really grow up in church, just going occasionally. His mom stopped going after the pastor said something about not wearing pants. That was a pretty lame excuse to stop going to church almost for the rest of your life.

Anyway, I hadn't seen this cousin in years and I decided to call him. He had started going to a church in Illinois when he lived up there. But then they announced they were having black history month. So he asked the pastor, why don't they white history month? I didn't comment on that topic. I gave him some advice by quoting a verse and he got angry that I was telling him what to do.

Seemed like a pretty strange thing to get upset over. Whites in the US learn history mainly about white people. Blacks hear history in school mainly about white people.
Acts-perienced Poster
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2/18/20 5:58 pm

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Post JLarry
I have TV service from IPTV. They list 5 or 6 Black Channels.

I have never heard of a White Channel. Couldn't even imagine the the hoopla if someone started a "White" channel.

I have no problem with anyone of whatever color. I do have a problem with discrimination where ever it comes from.

I am opposed to even answering the question regarding my race. My color should not matter to anyone.

I pastored a church that was about 40% black. The blacks were as good or better to me than the whites.
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No one who died without Christ is happy about their decision.
Acts Mod
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2/18/20 6:01 pm

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