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Post Power in His Name Cojak
This Public prayer we are discussing brings to mind THE POWER we, as Pentecostals, claim and point to. In my life time I have seen exuberance in worship. I have witnessed 'men walking benches with their arms held high and not fall. I have seen also men fall and get hurt doing the same. I also saw a man 'fall out' and could have easily received a concussion when the whole church heard his head hit the first bench. Many of us have seen the rolling on the floor giving us the name of 'Holy Rollers'.
Much of that exuberance was considered the power of God. It seems to me that we have reduced the power of God to falling out when touched by a minister or his Bible.

In my 80 years I have seen personally 2 times that His Power was demonstrated and it could not be denied. I have mentioned here as a child I saw my sister's arm that was Obviously BROKEN between her wrist and elbow, healed instantly one morning when daddy carried her into the church laid her on the alter and straitened her arm and prayed. She immediately quit screaming and we were outside playing again in 15 minutes. Then later I saw eyes put out by battery acid instantly healed.

Neither of those incidences could my parents afforded the cost of a doctor. Have we now become dependent on Medical Science and insurance? Not faulting anyone, because I depended on Drs for my hearing, and I fasted and prayed and it did not happen thru prayer.

Are we POWERLESS in the USA? The real miracles I hear about are on the missions fields where that medical assistance is NOT readily available. Is it possible that God has allowed the medical advances (as I sometimes hear) vs immediate and complete healing thru prayer???. Confused
Some facts but mostly just my opinion!
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1/28/20 12:08 pm

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Post Link
Reminds me of:
II Chronicles 16:12
And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the LORD, but to the physicians.

Some Baptists seem to like that 'guide the doctors' hands' prayer.
Acts-perienced Poster
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1/28/20 10:11 pm

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Post Cojak
I had never heard the prayer labeled no written, but I think we all have prayed about the same for family and friend, This is the one I picked out of the many listed on the net:

Almighty God, you who knows all things, sees all things, and can do all things; thank you for listening to me in this time of need. I, your humble servant, call out to you as my healer in this time of desperate need. Even in sickness you have shown me your grace, reminded me of your love, and granted me peace. Even when my body failed me, you strengthened my heart and spirit for your service. Thank you for staying with me against all odds. Please watch over me as I go through this surgery. Please remain with me during this time. Be my Provider and Sustainer so my family can be clear of any burdens that arise. I ask that I go through a quick and successful recovery. For all that I have asked, Lord, may your will, and yours alone, be done. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior.

I see no problem, praying that prayer, once things have gone this far, itis time to pray for someone who is gonna cut someone open....

But I really had never seen nor heard of a prayer by a name. At one time I had a hesitancy to 'read a prayer', but I have read the Lord's prayer and also leaned much on the Serenity prayer during family drug problems.. Embarassed Soooo I guess I have no problem with this one. Idea
Some facts but mostly just my opinion!
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1/28/20 10:32 pm

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Post Dean Steenburgh
There definitely is power in His name!

I'm about 16 years old & my folks are the recently installed pastors at the Harvey & Millbrook CoG in Fresno, CA.
Dad brought in this evangelist, Bro. Martin, who didn't even accept the call to preach until he was 60 (at the time I suppose he was in his mid 60's).
All week long he would preach & lay hands on the sick & we witnessed many miracles.
2 stood out the most.
A teenage girl in our church was blind & had zero sight ability as in total darkness, no shadows or fuzzy visuals.
He prayed for her for a few seconds & told her to turn around & read the words on the back wall. My dad had pinned up the recent youth camp poster & it had woodsy looking graphics to look like you were going to the mountains.
She proclaimed, "I see a blurry wall with some writing on it"
I was shocked when she said that cause I knew she was totally blind.
Then Bro. Martin said, "finish the healing Lord & let her see in Jesus name!"
She turned around & said, "Oh look at the beautiful trees in front of the mountains on that poster on the back wall!"
Man, the place about lost it because the girl was instantly healed.

The next one was personal because it was my great grandma who was about 75 at the time. She had been walking with a severe limp for several years & was heavy & in bad health.
He brought her down to the front & sat her in a chair with her legs supported on the chair in front of her.
He prayed a short prayer & then proclaimed, "ok Lord, make both of her legs the same length."
I heard popping & crackling & great grandma started shouting in tongues which made grandma shout in tongues which made mama shout in tongues & before I knew it my great grandma was dancing all over & walking normal with no pain & that lasted for 17 more years until she died at age 92.

Praise God He has allowed me to witness some amazing things & once you've seen it with your own eyes it's impossible to deny it ever happened.

"Empty nest syndrome is for the birds!"

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Golf Cart Mafia Capo Famiglia
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1/29/20 8:39 pm

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Post Cojak
Thanks Dean, of course I believe there is power in his name!!!!! I just seem to see more fluff than actual results.

This post is not thrown at anyone, But more people should hear and see more of His real power.

Last year, during a powerful service where I felt the presence of our Lord, my friend Billy was led forward. He is Blind. I had prayed and hoped for a miracle, he has also. He said he felt the touch of the Lord, but he is still blind. Oh for anyone, myself included to be so in his LIFE that the real POWER would be shown.
Anyway, I am blessed with the testimony. YES of course I believe it. Cool

PS: Us preacher's kids have been blessed so much! Idea
Some facts but mostly just my opinion!
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1/29/20 9:42 pm

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