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This clip is all over the net because of Paula's new prominence... curious what kind of a witness you think this is (V)
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Post Dean Steenburgh
My friend was brought up in a congregational church and later a Lutheran one. She doesn't believe now and her upbringing wasn't like mine but she know about God and Jesus and the bible from her early training. But she has zero use for Christianity as it appears today.

While I fully understand the issue here with this friend, at the end of the day when they're no longer drawn to Christianity or no longer have use for "Christianity as it appears today", there is typically no prayer that would encourage a non-believer to re-embrace the faith.
They need a life experience not a bunch of flowery, goofy words!

While I'm not as old as Cojak Laughing I've been involved in active ministry since 1978 & I've known & still currently know many people that exhibit this type of rationale when it comes to their own defense for being a non-believer.

Paula's prayer was not the kind of prayer we would her from Franklin Graham or Rick Warren, in fact most likely we wouldn't hear this prayer from 99.9% of most ministers. She is either drawn by the Spirit to pray that way (and we are not in the address list for the memo from the Lord) or she did it for her own attention. She has done so many things over the years that are outlandish that I doubt she even pays attention to her own personal motivation for this type of praying.

Just a last word on my silly opinion, for any non-believer the last thing they should be listening to is a prayer like this from Ms. White Cain!
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2/2/20 12:40 pm

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