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I have heard all my life that my mother's grandmother was either full or half Cherokee. My Dad's family has believed that they are part Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole. One of his great grandparents on his mother's side, he was told, was Cherokee. I've told people I'm part Indian.

Both have brown hair. My dad is white, but a bit swarthy, especially if he has been out in the sun, and looks like he's probably got some American Indian in him.

My mom did a genetic test from 23andme and my dad did

Neither one of the results said anything about native American ancestry. We had a few surprises-- some trace blood on my mom's side from North West Asia. But these were trace elements. My mom was part German and likely French, which we did not know about, but I looked up one of her ancestors last names and it was French.

And my dad's results were 100% northern European, Britain and northwestern Europe, Irish, and a few percentage points of Norway and Sweden.

I'm glad I'm not in politics and Trump hadn't gotten on my case for saying I was part Indian.

But I do suspect that these tests may not really pick up on some of the DNA> Some of it can 'bread out.' How much we get from one parent or another is random, and it could be that no DNA that has been matched with Native American in their database was in either of my parents. I wonder if they have as many markers they test for for Native Americans as some of the other groups.

I think I posted I had more Indian blood than Elizabeth Warren. I guess she beat me for that according to these tests.

Btw, if any of you choose between 23andme and, having seen output for both, I say 23andme looks better. It shows regions in Europe, and the US where people with similar DNA live. If they agree to it, you can contact relatives. My mom had one genetic relative in the UK that had signed up and hundreds in the US through 23andme. keeps asking you to upgrade to get more information and gives less useful data overall, IMO. The DNA tests seems more of a tool to upsell their ancestry tools. The categories they put your DNA into are much broader than 23 and me without showing you the specific regions your ancestors likely came from.

On, one of my first cousins had posted her results on Facebook a while back... and I was surprised to see no Native American DNA. It listed her as a possible first cousin for my dad on, so it could tell she was related. Some people with family names of people he is related to showed up, and some of them had relatives in the same family tree. It wouldn't show detail when you clicked to find out exactly how. You had to pay to get that part.
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1/11/20 9:18 pm

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