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Post My daily musing--"FEELINGS" roughridercog

The Word of God is unchanging. In contrast, we are expected to change our steps and alter our lifestyle in response to the Word. This is not an act of religious ritual, but a response of faith in a God who exists, s Son who redeems, and a Spirit who teaches.
Feelings that we may have cannot change the meaning of the Word. Scripture is unyielding before our moods, whims, torrents of emotion, opinions, or our convenience.
While the Word of God is "settled in heaven," our moods are anything but that. Our situations, emotions, peaks and valleys, and (dare I say) traditional sacred cows can be our main hindrance in regards to the Word and obedience to God.
Can make you strike a rock you should have spoken to.
Sleep with a handmaiden instead of your wife of covenant.
Get on board a ship going an opposite direction, rather than to Ninevah.
Why do these instances creep up in our lives? Because we do what we feel rather than what we profess to be truth.
The Word can and should shape how we feel.
But how we feel, must never shape the Word or our obedience to God.
Doctor of Bovinamodulation
Acts Mod
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1/2/20 1:03 pm

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Post Bro Bob
I would like to add that we can be pretty sure that God also has feelings. And that when he said "let us make man in our image" this particular trait had a lot of representation in that.

Sounds can not only make us remember, they can make us re-feel a unique feeling, often the same as it did long ago.

So can certain images.

So can certain smells.

So can certain touches, caresses, hugs, etc.

The only one (of the 5 senses) I am leaving out is taste. Some might argue it is true there as well. But have you ever wondered this: If there had been only 4 senses, say, sight was always missing in man. No man had ever seen before. Then one day, God tells a man that in Heaven he will be able to "see" things, not just hear or touch or smell or taste. What man could even understand those words? What man could get a sense of it?

Now then... how do we know that in heaven there aren't more than 5 senses???

Feelings. More powerful than memory alone. And while they cannot be relied on as a lone / single source, I would argue that it is often unwise to ignore them. They might just be seeing something we don't.

Golf Cart Mafia Underboss
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1/2/20 9:31 pm

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