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TWO-THIRDS of God is "GO." Isaiah did not say, Here am I Lord, SEAT me. Forum Index -> Acts-Celerate Post new topic   Reply to topic
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Post TWO-THIRDS of God is "GO." Isaiah did not say, Here am I Lord, SEAT me. doyle
I'm just thinking out loud so feel free to jump in and share your thoughts too. If you feel I'm off-base, go ahead and share it. I can't grow if you don't let me know.

ALMOST ALL rewards and recognition for pastors, are built around how many people they can gather to SEAT. There are few if any rewards, finances, recognition, promotions etc., for those who focus on how many they SEND into the Harvest.

In fact, it seems most awards in all denominations are built around SEATING instead of SENDING. Does this set up the temptation NOT TO SEND people out into ministry but to keep them SEATED?

Is it any wonder we are now hearing news about how the percentage of Christians in the population is declining. Is it any wonder that in many cases, almost all funding coming into some churches goes into the facilities?

Listen, I like fantastic facilities too, but ARE WE missing doing God's best for the world, to do what is best for us? NO FINGERS pointed at anyone because as a former pastor I totally understand the desire to SEAT a lot of people.

Possibly it has or does happen somewhere, but I cannot remember ever hearing anyone even be mentioned, let alone be recognized or rewarded for how many they SEND into the Harvest; to actively seek out and train people for ministry that may take them away from us.

The way things are now in most denominations, is that the thought of sending instead of seating, means those who do it, must come to grips with understanding that their only recognition will be from God and possibly from some whom they raised up for ministry.

YOUR INPUT IS WELCOME: I'm trying to find the right words without it coming across as condemning. I too am guilty of not being aware enough of my role to raise up people for ministry.

Yesterday I was having lunch with an Associate Pastor whose ministry team has been very successful in drawing people to church. He said, "We are not sure what to do. We are already having three services each Sunday. I don't know where we are going to get the money for more parking spaces. I hate the thoughts of us having to begin another building program."

He must have noticed my facial MEGA (My Eyes Glaze Over). I said, "Have you thought about starting a 'SEND' ministry; starting a program to send people to begin new churches, go into Missions or go help some struggling churches?

His brow furrowed slightly and a completely blank look came over his face.
Listen, their ministry team has done an incredible job of increasing attendance, but sending people outside his church to do ministry, is not in his thinking.

I suppose we could look at the New Testament Church as an example, but WAIT, wasn't it persecution that finally caused them to move out of their comfort zone in Jerusalem?

Gain all the attendance you can. It is an incredibly Godly endeavor in life, but Isaiah did not say, "Here am I Lord, SEAT me. He said, "Here am I Lord, SEND me."

That is my opinion. Please feel free to share yours.

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.
Acts-celerate Owner
Posts: 6729
10/24/19 11:50 am

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This is basic, but yet an eye opener for me. When we gain another 100 or so people we will need to maybe look into this. I personally don't want to get into another building project but neither do I want the vision to be stifled by lack of space. We have capable ministry that can plant. Thanks for that input. Stirred up some thinking is what you did.
Posts: 668
10/25/19 9:18 am

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Post Da Sheik
I have several friends who have done just that. But they are exemplary men, a rare breed. Most of us are concerned about a legacy. I’m afraid many of us are getting our reward down here. Thanks for stirring us DD! Acts Enthusiast
Posts: 1732
10/25/19 9:25 am

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Post diakoneo
Seems to me sending for the pastor is much like sowing to the farmer. You know, if you sow sparingly you will reap sparingly.

I always pastored small churches. Didn't really like and seemingly couldn't afford to send anyone. When you have 30 on a VERY good day, it was difficult to lose anyone. One day God spoke to me and told me He was sending someone my way. He even told me they were coming from Florida. It was a semi-retired couple who became a tremendous blessing to the church financially and just by shear encouragement.

I got to know them well and talked to them frequently. One day he shared his desire to pastor again. A week later the d.o. told me a very church on the our district was without a pastor and facing possible closure. So there I was with a conundrum. Few people, low finances and good friends that I didn't want to lose.

Nevertheless, God told me they were coming, so I had to trust Him! I told him, he called the AB and within a week they were gone...but really they weren't.

God taught me something very valuable through this about kingdom work. It is He after all that sends to us. The Holy Spirit draws. These folks aren't coming to YOU pastor. They are coming by and from and to God! We didn't lose when we sent, we gained so much more. We always do when we trust God and send. No, we didn't experience "exponential growth" etc, but God continued to prove faithful. All our needs were met and many times miraculously. I guess the one thing I miss about pastoring is watching Him supply needs!

Anyway, since it is His Kingdom, shouldn't we be about sending?

Thanks Doyle!
Golf Cart Mafia Consigliere
Posts: 3375
10/25/19 1:45 pm

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