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Post This is NOT a Drill! Cojak
Most everyone here knows I left the ministry and re-enlisted in the Military and retired. With time in the USMC, USAF & USN I heard Ships announcements, "This is a Drill, Fire in the #1 Engine room, All hands man their damage control, stations." etc. as common place. Once in the North Atlantic we were taking on Explosives, including nuck's. The ship heard the announcement, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL, COLISION, COLLISION Including BROKEN ARROW, PORT SIDE, man your GQ stations." with two ships underway in rough seas one of the skippers had failed to make a correction and we were steel to steel. Our Carrier's elevators wiped out the bridge of the supply ship. And were dangerously near the nuclear weapons. I saw the huge elevators within 5 feet of the nucks. The ships finally pulled apart, leaving the supply ship to limp into port in England.
WE Christians have heard stories and know of Brothers and sisters who have come close to losing a mate, but all turned out well.

We have had a very sad situation here on Acts lately. Bro. Bob lost his wife. Bob has been thru a lot over the past few years. "many times he thought death would come I am sure, but it was just a DRILL." This last time the Lord said "This is not a Drill I am taking her."

This hurts us all here, we feel for Bro Bob. I told him I could not imagine the pain. Sherry and I have been married over 62 years. We are not ignorant of life. At best we have 10 years, most likely 5 years going by averages. Until we will know, "This is not a drill, one of us will be called home."
At 40, 50 even 70 I never thought of that. BUT now in our 80s we both know one of us will feel the pain of Bro. Bob and many of our friends. Men like Bob have told me, you think you are ready for it, BUT you are not."

Let's hold our brother up in prayer, knowing that one day it will be us! I could never envision enjoying men and women as I do you guys over a 'social media'. We have shared a lot and I have learned so much from you. I cannot imagine this as real, I can remember the only social media being a radio with which you could not interact. Life is good and Life is STRANGE to an old man, it is hard to keep up!
Some facts but mostly just my opinion!
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5/11/19 8:49 pm

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