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Post More effective than "deadly force"? Aaron Scott
I have heard that cops are told to always shoot to kill. That seems both excessive and...somewhat ineffective. I'll explain....

First, someone who stole a car and then took off running didn't, by stealing a car and running, do anything to deserve the death penalty. It seems that the use of deadly force should be only for those things where someone is in fear of their lives or otherwise believes that to allow a person to escape alive could endanger others, etc.

You get the idea.

The other thing I've noticed is that sometimes bad guys, when told they the cops will shoot, still don't comply. It is my THEORY that the reason they don't comply is because of stupidity and or inhibited thinking, but also perhaps for not being able to fully appreciate the gravity of dying, since they haven't died and likely aren't doing a lot of reflection on the matter in the moment.

So what the officers need to do is, instead of shooting to KILL, they shoot to maim/mutilate.

I heard of a woman who, being followed by some guy, finally turned around and drew her weapon. He just smiled and kept walking toward her, perhaps thinking she wouldn't have the nerve to kill him. So she dropped her aim to his crotch. He stopped. He could not only conceive of the results of such a shot, but also likely realized that while she might not shoot to kill him, she wouldn't have much compunction about shooting him in the crotch.

So, going forward, tell you local policemen to no longer shoot to kill (unless it is necessary), but instead shoot to maim. Further, if someone won't stop advancing, then aim at their crotch. If that doesn't work, shot them there.

Policeman around the nation, you are welcome!
Hon. Dr. in Acts-celeratology
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1/7/19 12:50 pm

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Post Nature Boy Florida
I think most cops would tell you it doesn't work.

They are taught to only draw their weapon if they or a citizen are in immediate danger of bodily harm.

If that is the case - you draw your weapon and stop the threat - which means shoot to stop - not maim.

If there was no threat the gun should have never been drawn.
Whether you like it or not, learn to love it, because its the best thing going today!
Acts-pert Poster
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1/7/19 2:23 pm

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Post Dead criminals can't sue roughridercog
Wounded ones can.
Doctor of Bovinamodulation
Acts Mod
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1/7/19 5:32 pm

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Post Re: Dead criminals can't sue Cojak
roughridercog wrote:
Wounded ones can.

This is the biggest fear, most law enforcement officers will tell you. Months and years in court and wondering in today's courts if somehow you will end up the evil aggressor.
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1/7/19 7:49 pm

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