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Is homosexuality a sin, or a propensity to be tempted? Forum Index -> Acts-Celerate Post new topic   Reply to topic
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Post Is homosexuality a sin, or a propensity to be tempted? Link
Is Homosexuality a sin?
Or is a weakness toward a certain type of lust?

I used to think people who performed 'homosexual acts' were homosexuals. But for people in the LGBT movement and just about anyone Gen-Y or younger in the 'US', 'gay', 'homosexual', or 'lesbian' refer to an 'orientation', or an inclination to be attracted. I am using the term the way a lot of baby boomers used it, and the way fundamentalists/and evangelicals tend to understand it. But that is not what it means to most people these days. It refers to who they are attracted to, and doesn't say whether they engage in the acts or not.

What I realized doing a bit of reading is that when the term 'homosexual' was coined in German (spelled slightliy differently) in the 1800's, it was about attraction, not what they did with their bodies.

When you say, "Homosexuality is a sin" they hear, "The propensity to be attracted to the same sex is a sin." They may have some false ideas in their minds attached to that. Technically, it is not a sin. It's a temptation, something that could be a lust that is not yielded to. Lust not yielded to is not sin. Lust has to give birth to sin for it to be sin. If a man sees a scantily clad attractive woman and is tempted to yield his eyes (members) to look with lust, but does not, he avoids the sin. Attraction is not a sin. Yielding the members to act on the lust is the sin.

The LGBT movement teaches its own ideology about homosexuality. They teach that everyone has a 'sexual orientation' and see that 'orientation' as a big part of their identity. Part of the ideology is that some people were born homosexual. If someone says, "Homosexuals are going to Hell', they think because of the way they were born that they are going to Hell. Some LGBT folks say that God made them gay, so there are a lot of strongholds that need to be knocked down with the word of God.

Fornication and adultery are sins, too. It is not quite the same thing for a man to be attracted to a woman, since that is natural. But one Christian young single man might not find it difficult at all to avert his eyes if a scantily clad beautiful woman walks by. Another Christian young man feels the temptation more strongly, even if he has stayed away from fornication, porn, etc. That does not mean the second man is not a Christian. He may just have to resist a bit harder than the first.

People can also be Christians and struggle with temptations to unnatural type sins, like the same-sex attraction stuff. Indulging in sin in the past, no matter what it is, may make things more difficult.

Freedom from sin does not necessarily mean there will be no struggle. Hebrews 12 says 'ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.'

If someone is struggling with same-sex attraction, he might be freed of it instantly and it is not an issue, or he may have to resist temptation for years and years. Either way, someone in this situation can walk free from sin by the power the Spirit, just as men who have to resist the temptation to look with lust at women walk in victory of it. (Women can struggle with lust, too.)
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2/19/21 12:05 pm

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Post Link...some thoughts Aaron Scott
Temptation, of course, is not a sign. Back just a few years ago, a person who had same-sex orientation, but remained celibate was pretty much as guilty as the most flamboyant gay person who immersed themselves in all sorts of filth.

Consider that virtually all of us straight guys had opposite-sex orientation...but if we had acted on it, we would have been guilty of fornication or adultery.

The same principal applies to both sides, I think, since, in my opinion, you have no control over your orientation...only your actions.

There was never a moment in my childhood where I decided to be straight. I was just raised in such a way that it was the most natural thing in the world to grow up liking girls.

I imagine that gay folks feel the same way--they didn't have a day where they "decided" to be gay. It might be that they can't even remember the influences/environments that caused them to have that twisted understanding (e.g., incest, molestation, home issues, etc.).

I do believe that there are people who are just so sexually driven that they really feel no big difference between being attracted to men or women. They don't feel repulsed about either way. In those cases, it may be that they DO choose to be gay. (The way I see it is that if you engage in that behavior, then even if you like the opposite sex too, you are gay.)

As such, so long as a person is trying to live celibate and right, I believe they can be true Christians (just as folks who smoked, but were trying to stop, were often fully accepted).

Unfortunately, while straight folks can marry and no longer have to remain celibate, a gay person cannot. Which is why I think that, without excusing any failures/relapses, we still ought to be as forgiving as we can. That is, if they fail a hundred times, but repent a hundred times, we do our best to restore them (which doesn't mean we shouldn't still take care about placing them in certain situations).

If we do that, then it may be that one day we will have to forgive them for the last time...for they will either become victorious...or they will go on to heaven--hopefully feeling loved by the Church of Jesus Christ.
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2/19/21 2:30 pm

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